Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Wedding

"The Wedding" is 16 x 28 transparent watercolor. I have known the bride, Jill since her birth. She is the daughter of our good friends, Kathy and Jim. Her new husband, Kevin has one daughter and Jill has the other three children. They are such beautiful children. The wedding was in June in Daytona, FL. I couldn't resist giving this a try. I worked from 5 different photos.


kathy said...

The picture of my daughter's wedding is just beautiful. I thank
you so so much for the wonderful

Marilyn captured there features as well as their love. I am
just thrilled with the painting.
When I saw it tears came to my eyes.
Thank you Marilyn.

Michelle Himes said...

Oh, Marilyn, what a wonderful painting! I love the bride and groom looking at each other so happily, and the children in their wedding attire are adorable. And I see that you reduced the mother of the bride to tears. What more can you ask!

Kevin & Jill Novak said...

The picture of our family in "The Wedding" is incredible. We are so honored that you did this for us. The painting is hanging over our fire place for ALL to see. You truly captured our true LOVE for one another and our children on our very special day. Thank you so much!!

Kevin & Jill Novak