Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Farmer's Market

Finally a painting. 'Farmer's Market' is an 8 x 10 transparent watercolor. I challenged myself to paint a busy scene, by simplifying it so it would not be busy. I think I achieved this.

I attended a week long workshop with Tony Couch in early August. As is always the case with me, when I attend a workshop, I don't paint for awhile. We have also been taking several local vacations in our travel trailer. Now that fall is here, my favorite time of year, I hope to get back to painting daily.

My grandaughters and I will be doing an art show for March and April. I thought it would be fun to include them and let them feel the art scene at an early age. I wish I had been exposed to art earlier than I was. They are each going to do 4 drawings or paintings and offer them for sale. Alyssa, the 6 year old thinks this is great. Kaytie, the 9 year old is not so sure about selling her work. She loves everything she does.


Kari Gibson said...

This is a fabulous painting - it works so well and you have achieved the goal you intended of creating order out of a busy scene. So difficult!

And good look to you and your grandchildren, it is so good that you are encouraging them.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

This is such a good painting Marilyn! All the elements are there to make it a busy scene, without the painting being busy...I hope that makes sense! I keep noticing little things that I didn't the first two times I looked at this. That paper towel roll under the table is just perfect! Very nice painting.

Barbara Grant said...

It's interesting to see these pieces on your blog after seeing them in person. You've got something good going here...can't wait to see where you take it next!

p.s. I figured out how to use my own identity...I hope, anyway!