Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Painting accepted in juried show

"Skip Gets the Coconuts" is a 22 x 30 transparent watercolor painted (with permission) from a photo by Jane James has been accepted into the 42nd Annual Watercolor Wisconsin juried show sponsored by the Racine Art Museum in Racine, WI. The awards ceremony and reception is Dec. 7. Even if I don't win an award, this is an honor to have my painting accepted. Watercolor Wisconsin is 'the' watercolor competition is Wisconsin.

I had also entered this painting in the Wisconsin Regional Artist Association show in September. This is a non perfessional artist organization with over 600 membeers. The juried show had 150 paintings selected with over $4,000+ awards given. I received an award on this painting. You can see the winners at

I knew when I saw that Jane had posted this photo from her trip to Jamaica that it was begging to be painted. Thank You, Jane for giving me permission.


Vicki Greene said...

Congratulations Marilyn! This is a beautiful and excellent watercolor and well deserving of this honor.

djd_fr said...


djd from watercolor workshop

Nick said...

Great job, Marilyn, looks like something that Homer might have painted. And a complicated painting, too! I don't know much of the Wisconsin w/c scene, except Dillman's and Door county were/are hotspots. Val Thelin used to paint up there, as did another friend of mine, Ted Daniels.
Nice to meet you, btw, heard your name but don't believe we've crossed paths. Good luck in the show!

Marilyn Fuerstenberg said...

Thanks Vicki. It was quite a surprise to get in, especially after I got the post card show invitation.
Art by Richard Berns entitled Nina Nebraska. I can't find any info on him, but if I do I will forward it. Awesome realist painting.

Thanks djd_fr. I don't recall the name, but I am glad you visited.

WOW! Thanks Nick for visiting my blog and commenting. I enjoy your work so much. Especially comparing it to a Homer subject. I am inspired by his watercolors. Art in the midwest is slow. Door County is the place as is Dillman's for workshops. The north is beautiful. Unfortunately I live in the southern part between Milwaukee, Madison and 80 miles north of Chicago.