Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dan and Amy's Wedding

"Dan and Amy's Wedding" is a 16 x 18 watercolor painted for my son's childhood friend Dan to give to his wife for Christmas. The octagon barn is at Old Word Wisconsin. Amy wanted a painting of them in front of the barn. I took them from her favorite photo of them and put them in front of the barn. Amy had asked me to do this painted about 8 months ago and I kept putting her off, saying I wasn't inspired to paint it, all the while thinking it would make a great Christmas present from Dan. When I finished it, I called him and he loved it. My son made the wonderful barn wood frame from wood Dan had given him. I hope Amy is pleased with the painting. If it shows a little blurry, I forgot to photo it before it was framed and they used non glare glass.


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Well, this is a painting that is destined to become a treasure! You did this very well, Marilyn. It has all the elements needed to become a wonderful keepsake. You are so good.

Vicki Greene said...

Beautiful painting. I am sure she will love it.