Wednesday, August 03, 2011


"Waterfall" is an 11 x 15 watercolor painting. This was painted wet in wet with no preconceived drawing or idea. I knew it would be a landscape, but that was the extent of it. Many times when I paint like this, it may not turn out. I haven't perfected it enough to be able to determine what I should do next. Let me know your thoughts, especially on how to make it better.


svarion said...

wow!! i love your art!! i post my drawings too check

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn, my name is Shari. I was looking for a painting much like "waterfall" with beautiful colors, and the affect of the paint dripping down. I also loved the "Coyote at Sunset" painting. Is it possible for u to paint a picture similar to the waterfall one, only maybe a beautiful coyote standing near the water somewhere. Lots of beautiful colors running down like this waterfall pic? My email is Thk u, Shari

Anonymous said...

It is great just as it is! I have been playing with watercolor paintings this past week with some success and I stopped to browse other artists. Really enjoyed this piece. Very soulful.
Tracy Croton on Hudson NY