Friday, October 13, 2006

Old World Wisconsin Painting

This is one of three paintings I did for a local competition for Old World Wisconsin. The prospectus stated the paintings need to be from something recognizable from Old World Wisconsin. This was a setup from one of the homes parlors. I know, the doll's head looks like it is not in the bed, but rather resting on the top of the bed. I should have used my artistic license and put the doll in the bed. I have an idea that the museum may not have the whole doll and that is why the head is propped the way it is, but then again, that may be the way a child would do it.

What inspired me to paint this scene was memories of making tents or houses out of blankets like this. The folds created by the cloth draped over the chairs and the subtle change of browns is what called out to me. This paintin "Child's Play" is 13 x 18.

Giclee prints are available of this painting.
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