Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wolf Survival

The cold Wisconsin weather and the deer in our yard looking for food, made me stop and think about how wildlife survive the cold while I watched them through my window. No, I don't have wolves in my yard, but there something about them that I like. Several years ago, we visited a Wolf Park and learned about them and their survival. The movie "Dancing with Wolves" is one of my favorite.

I don't like the deer eating my azaleas, nor the squirrels helping themselves to the bird seed, nor the possum eating dog food. It brought to mind the everyday survival of our outdoor friends. Thinking about this and the snow that was falling, inspired me to dig out my photos of the wolves and I was inspired to paint them surviving the winter or did they? Or are they ghosts?

This painting is 14 x 21 watercolor on arches 140# paper, painted with Daniel Smith paints.

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