Saturday, July 07, 2007

Looking Back

I did this painting for my grandson's High School graduation. It is a painting within a painting. The little boy on the bike is Andrew at about 2 years old. At that age, he enjoyed riding his tricycle in his spare time. The other is him at 18, doing what he likes to do in his spare time now .... fishing. The background is the road leading to my home. This painting was done from three reference photos. He was happy with it, and hopefully it will become more meaningful to him as years go by. This watercolor painting is 15 x 22

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Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


I am just now taking the time to really look at this painting and, as a grandmother, I can really appreciate your motivation to do this painting. It is so nostalgic and has such a good feeling to it! I like the fact that it causes the viewer to question the reality of having the boy on the trike along with what looks like someone fishing in a stream. This one was painted from the heart and it shows. I am sure your grandson will appreciate this more and more as years go by, especially if he has children in the future.

In my mind's eye there is a great mixture of my sons that mixes them up as little boys and as the men they are now, this painting lets us peak at your memories as well.