Saturday, July 07, 2007

Stone Stable

"Stone Stable" is a 22 x 30 watercolor painting of an old stone barn that was torn down and is being moved to this area. I was asked to paint my vision of what it would look like in it's new home, near our town's historical train depot. I was also asked to include a Whitewater wagon. The only reference I had was a small sketch done by an artist Rile. The wagon was manufactured in our town many years ago. The horses belong to the man in the wagon, who is our local organic farmer (the only farm still in our city limits). I donated this painting to the Stable Restoration project to be auctioned to earn money for the restoration.
Presently it has a $4000.00 bid. I am also selling two sizes, each a limited edition of 50 giclee prints. They are available at the Double Dip Deli.

I will take a photo of the stable once it gets rebuilt on this site to see how my vision compares.

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