Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coyote in Winter

Coyote in Winter is a 14 x 21 watercolor. We have had so much snow in Wisconsin this year. I was inspired to paint a snow scene. The hunters have been hunting coyote a few miles from my home. It is breeding season and I imagine the coyote have other things on their minds and become easy targets. One of the hunters told me there is a large pack in this area. The coyote can have up to seven pups, so the pack increases. When talking with the hunters, I learned that coyote usually will hunt small animals such as rabbit, mice, cats, etc for their food. Their is also a huge flock of wild turkey in the same vicinity, as well as deer. Six deer crossed my yard the other morning. The pack will hunt a wounded deer, but rarely will go after cattle or humans. I also learned that if one does approach you, you need to act aggressively and not let them know you are afraid. Throw things at them, make a lot of noise, etc. Hhump ... good to know!!!

Anyway, I enjoyed painting this coyote. Here is a close up of him.

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