Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Trees in Snow

Both of theses paintings of Trees in Snow are 11 x 15. I painted them for a demo in my classes using a razor blade for the majority of the painting. I think the razor blade makes a good texture for the bark and the limbs and bushes look more natural.
I should have paid a little more attention to the composition. I did not have any intention of making them into a painting, but I guess they are.

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Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


I love these trees! In picturing how you use a razor blade for painting the trees, do you scrape the paint onto the paper from the sides of the razor? When I attended a Susie Short workshop a few years ago she showed us how to do trees using the side of an old credit card or gift card. I hadn't thought of a razor blade and that would work in much smaller areas. Cool idea!

Regarding the coyotes, living on the desert here in AZ we have quite a few of them. You hear them at night and once in awhile, if out early in the morning, there will be packs of three running down between the houses and through the streets, probably looking for rabbits. We have a real rabbit problem with our landscaping so they help keep that population in check, but there are still too many rabbits!

People here, when taking their walks, usually carry a golf club with them just in case they are approached by a coyote. The main fear is that if they are walking their little dogs that the coyotes WILL come right up and try to get the dogs. Quite a few people here have lost their small pets that way or from their own yards. With Nature being the way it is, we have to accept that the coyotes were here long before we were so they have their place on the planet just as we do. But, it is sad to see it played out in your own neighborhood!

I do like your coyote and the many colors that went into his coat, it is so textured that way and looks like a northern coyote with the heavy coat. Our coyotes here are more smooth, I think, since we don't get snow!

Nice work, all of these....Susan