Friday, December 29, 2006

Coyote in Winter

"Coyote in Winter" ©2006 is a 19 x 22 watercolor painting. I was inspired to paint the coyote from a photo on Wet Canvas and from photos sent to me by a friend. She had deer and coyote in her back yard. The setting is from my own imagination. I chose to paint it as the sun was rising. This is a first in a series of wildlife paintings I am doing. I will make a limited edition giclee prints if there is a request.

When deciding on the composition, I knew I wanted to make it hard for the coyote to chase the deer and I wanted them to be able to escape. I am happy with this painting. SOLD

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Artmaker - Cecilia Price said...

I love this painting, you are very, very good at what you do, Marilyn!